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FiXchg is written using the open-source application server container SMART. It runs on the public hosting of SMART called SMART+. It showcases various features of SMART as indicated below.

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Plug & Play Model

Executes modules called "Lightweight flows" that are pieces of "functionally complete" features in your product. They can be assembled to work together at runtime to create a homogeneous application.


Isolated runtime environment; your data, enabled flows and execution environment. Java class loader isolation to isolate execution environments and database tables to isolate data.

Distributed Persistence

Uses HADOOP based persistence in HBASE database and is fail safe. Data is indexed using embedded SOLR. This helps provide a text based search on any attribute of your data.

Role-Based Security

Roles are defined to include one or more feature groups. These roles are associated with users created. Java protection domains are used to provide security.

Feature Based Licensing

Feature based licensing framework gives you a high level of control over what is offered. Product features are grouped at the lowest level such as data, events and transitions.

Business Transactions

Finite State machine based implementation of data allows you to get out of the box, relevant management and monitoring capabilities.

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